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Dream 100 Lab is an Account-Based Contact Marketing Intensive Training Program designed to help target your Dream 100 customers.

Personalized and Customized Training for Your Team

It includes 20 progressive modules over 26 weeks and structured to give your team the feedback and guidance to successfully target your Dream 100 customers.

Dedicated Trainer for Your Company Team

Your company team will benefit from a dedicated Dream 100 trainer who will guide your team's progress throughout the entire program.

Weekly Actionable Assignments Keep Your Team Moving Forward

Includes tools, resources, and actionable assignments for up to five team members in your organization. Each completed module builds on the next.

Teams Can Sit In On Interviews with Top Marketing Experts

Includes “What’s Working Now” interviews with guest experts who share their experience on new developments in marketing.

Personalized Mentoring Calls Inspire, Motivate and Invigorate Your Team

Includes 40 personalized team mentoring calls at the start and end of each module so your team can stay on track.

Create a Self-Hosted Website for Hosting Your Content and Landing Pages

Includes a self hosted Wordpress website with Thrive Visual Editor and over ten of the most popular Wordpress Plugins. Your team will learn basic elements of design and complete the program with the skill to create and edit pages in just a few minutes.

Full Management Visibility of Team Progress

Complete management visibility of team progress and discussions. Management can view planning efforts, comment, vote, and participate in online chat conversations between team members and your Dream 100 Lab Dedicated Trainer

Lifetime Access Lets You Train New Team Members

Your company will receive lifetime access to all 20 modules. This allows your current team members to go back and review completed modules, but also give your team members a resource for training new employees who join the team after completing the program. Each module is continually updated as technology and marketing best practices evolve.

All Module Work is Company Private 

Privacy and confidentiality is important in a competitive marketplace. All module work completed by your company team is held in the strictest confidence and never shared outside our company or yours.

Sounds Good!

What Can I Expect Inside The Dream 100 Lab Extreme Training Program?

D100X TM

Dream 100 Lab Extreme Team Training

20 Progressive Online Modules

Completed Over 26 Weeks from Your Office

Tools, Resources, and Actionable Assignments

Build and Manage Your Self-Hosted Website

40 Personalized Team Mentoring Calls

"What's Working Now" Interviews with Guest Experts

Up to 5 Participants per Organization

Management Visibility of Team Progress

Lifetime Access -Review or Train New Team Members

All Team Work is Company Confidential



Agile Marketing Methodology: How to Transform Your Small Corporate Team into a Marketing Super Power


Value Proposition & Market Analysis: Develop Your True Value Proposition &  GreenLight Market Analysis


Keyword Research: Discover the Keywords Customers Use to Find Your Business Solution


Customer Avatar: How to Develop a Buyer Persona of Your Ideal Best Sales Prospects


Ask Methodology™: How to Know Exactly What Your Best Prospects (and Customers) are Thinking


Dream 100 Research: How to Perform Lead Acquisition Analysis and Calculate Customer Lifetime Value


Technology: How to Setup and Configure a WordPress Website for Non-Techies


Search Engine Optimization: How to SEO 80% of Your Website (and Know How to Hire the Rest


Analytics: How to Set-up Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, and Tracking Scripts


Design: How to Make Fast Website Design and Content Changes Without Hiring A Developer


The Customer Journey: How to Create High Converting Landing Pages and Sales Sequences


Copyrights: How to Avoid Digital Rights Copyright Infringement Lawsuits on Images


Content Copywriting: How To Turn Your Sales Prospects and Customers into Raving Fans


Direct Response Copywriting: How to Write Direct Response Copy for any Market - Even B2B


Email Copywriting: How to Write Email Sequences Which Get Opened and Clicked


Email Campaigns: How to Setup and Create High Converting Email Drip Sequences


Media Traffic: Understanding Owned, Paid, and Earned Media Traffic Sources


Ad Creation: How to Create High Converting Ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google


Creating Your Brand Style Guide: Logos, Colors, Typography, Layouts, Voice, Tone, and Creative Assets


Your Business Live: Create Massive Lead Generation Campaigns Using Webinars and Live Streaming

What would
10-20  new appointments
from your Dream 100 customer list mean to you?

Now, what about every month?

Read What Some of Our Clients​ Say...

 Scott Bailey 

 Executive Vice President

CSL Group, Inc.  


Los Angeles-based CSL Group, Inc. and its subsidiary companies CSL Express Line, CSL Air Express, CSL Customs Service Express, and CSL Distribution Express has been the shipping partner of choice for some of the biggest retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the U.S. since 1993.

Lee was retained by CSL to explore our business systems and discover opportunities for improving our marketing and customer-facing activities. He was permitted to interview each key manager within all our companies and render a final opinion to the executive management on areas where improvements could be made. Lee took on additional assignments including training us on the Salesforce(tm) software platform, training our outbound call center agents, improving our overall marketing, establishing outbound email campaigns, and creating systems which improved relations between our account managers and their clients. Many of his recommendations were implemented successfully and are still in use today.

 Manik Chakrabarty  

 Managing Director

Webnexus, Pvt. Ltd 


Webnexus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company with its registered offices in New Delhi, India. Since 2012, Webnexus and ODC have partnered on the development of two major SaaS platforms for clients, as well as several smaller projects. Lee has assisted us with our proposal process with larger U.S. customers. He is exceptionally experienced in software development, agile and scrum, marketing, and business development.

 Vinod Kakkar 

 Managing Director,

Citycom Technologies, Ltd



Citycom Technologies Ltd. is a global communications provider headquartered in the heart of London, UK. We began working with Lee in 2015 and still consider him an important part of our team. Lee has been instrumental in guiding us through the tedious process of re-inventing our marketing. He has helped us improve our copywriting, design elements of our digital and printed marketing material, and structured some of our digital campaigns. He has been entrusted to conduct private telephone interviews with some of our major clients for the purpose of creating case studies. Lee has helped train our marketing team on how to research and develop marketing qualified leads, and created initial and final C-suite sales proposal presentations for high value prospects. More importantly, he played a critical role in helping us secure over £5MM in new contracts with high value customers. Lee wrote scripts, storyboarded, and worked with his animators to produce animated sales videos. He also worked with our overseas developers on our Tableau predictive analytics software which is used in our sales proposals. Whether you are looking for management consulting or sales and marketing training, Lee and his organization are a highly competent group of experienced professionals.

 Drake Mariani 

 Founder, MemLok 


MemLok is a Los Angeles-based software and mobile app developer founded in 1989 and serves the worldwide Christian market. We have been working with Lee and ODC Digital Media since 2015. His expertise in software development, marketing, and general business is extraordinary. Lee has modified our digital marketing processes and we now consistently convert 33% of all organic website traffic. To date, we have converted over 150,000 website visitors into subscribers and acquired more than 20,000 subscribers to our new mobile app using his system. Combined with new pricing and offer strategies, solid copywriting, long form, short form, and video sales letters, our month-on-month sales have increased an average of 400% with some months hitting as high as 1400%. If you are looking to grow your business to new levels, you really need to sign on with Lee and his team.

No Risk, You-Can't-Lose, 100%, No-Questions-Asked,

Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you or your team aren’t thrilled and satisfied with the Dream 100 Lab Extreme Team Training Program, just contact me directly we'll refund 100% of your unused pre-paid tuition.

All Work is Private, Confidential and
Never Shared Outside Your Team

We understand you place your trust in us when we work together. Be assured all information about your company and the marketing strategy we develop together will be held in the strictest confidence.

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